Having just completed a data science boot camp, I wanted to share some of the things I learnt. Before attending this course, I was focusing on nanomaterial research and I had absolutely no background in finance or programming. I had only two weeks to complete this Capstone project on my own, so it is not much now, but I will continue to work on it and hopefully see it develop into something better!

When tackling a data science project, the most important step is to plan and have a clear goal. Mine was to investigate the relationship between society’s sentiment towards a company and its future stock price, then be able to predict the price of any stock of interest with a greater accuracy than if no sentiment was considered. Research done nearly a decade ago concluded that there was no significant correlation between sentiment and future prices however, more recently, research groups are saying otherwise. …


Keaton Maruya-Li

An entry-level data scientist with a background in Biochemistry and Nanomaterial research.

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